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Marital cohesion and adaptability in heterosexual and homosexual men and women. Os dados possivelmente apontam para as diferenças entre as configurações conjugais. Palavras-chave: relações conjugais; homossexualidade; heterossexualidade. The diversity of marital relations is an expansion phenomenon that has been making visible different configurations such as gays and lesbian couples.

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A violência na intimidade entre casais de pessoas do mesmo sexo é similar, em termos de caraterísticas e dinâmicas, à violência praticada entre casais de pessoas de sexo diferente. O presente artigo qualitativo tem o principal propósito de retratar a violência entre casais de pessoas do mesmo sexo atravessadamente de representações de homens gays. In terms of characteristics and dynamics, the violence occurring in intimate same-sex relationships is similar to that of couples of different sexes. The main objective of the present qualitative article is to portray the violence between same-sex pairs through representations of gay men. After conducting a final content analysis, we conclude that despite the similarities shared by diverse couples, there are factors such as dual stigmatization, invisibility, and isolation that indicate how violence may be deeply hidden. The creation of support services and the training of professionals were offered as ways to combat violence, along with the meaningful inclusion of content on gender equality in school programs.

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Cadastre seu e-mail para receber também:. Firstly, the paper introduces the historical and contemporary nature and practices involved with the institution of adoption and it's effects. The implications regarding the welfare of the child are examined. The best interest of the child principle is explored by discussing the psychological effects involved when adoption takes place in a same sex couple situation.

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